Your Personal Sysadmin

Better Application Hosting with Wellhost

Based on the experience of Wellpress, I’ve developed a generic container-based application hosting service for small companies and similar organizations, utilizing CapRover as a thin layer over Docker Swarm. The service includes consulting and implementing bespoke build pipelines via Woodpecker CI, along with staging and production environments.

The setup continues the proven combination of high-level, semi-automated runbooks (Ruby-based) that integrate with external APIs, a bespoke administrative back office application (Ruby on Rails-based), Ansible playbook runs, and manual steps conducted in close communication with clients. Backup and monitoring akin to the WellPress setup complement the service.

The service is marketed as “Hosting with a Personal System Administrator,” filling a gap between barebones hosting offers and dedicated in-house operations personnel.

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Andreas Wagner
Freelance System Administrator from Tallinn, Estonia.