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Custom error pages for Caprover

Currently one can customize catch-all pages for caprover’s root domain under these values:

error_page 404 /index.html;
error_page 500 502 503 504 /error_generic_catch_all.html;

by overriding the configuration parameter “nginxDefaultHtmlDir’, setting this in the generated nginx config:

root   /usr/share/nginx/default;

from the template

root   <%-captain.defaultHtmlDir%>;

Because caprover has this default bind mount for the nginx container, this works:

                "Type": "bind",
                "Source": "/captain/generated/static",
                "Destination": "/usr/share/nginx",
                "Mode": "",
                "RW": true,
                "Propagation": "rprivate"

By setting “nginxDefaultHtmlDir” to /usr/share/nginx/default, one is able to create a persistable directory “default” under “/captain/generated/static” and reference it like mentioned above.

However, for the application-specific server block, the template looks like this:

    error_page 502 /captain_502_custom_error_page.html;
        location = /captain_502_custom_error_page.html {
                root <%-s.customErrorPagesDirectory%>;

Currently, this writes out to

        error_page 502 /captain_502_custom_error_page.html;
        location = /captain_502_custom_error_page.html {
                root /usr/share/nginx/default;

It’s defined here, a combination of “nginxStaticRootDir” + “nginxDefaultHtmlDir”

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