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Exhibition infrastructure from scratch at Whyservices OÜ

I am assisting a data visualization studio in deploying their applications on Windows-based infrastructure in various settings.

The projects are executed in stages. During the hardware selection phase, I provide technical specifications for tenders. I also offer advice when developers discuss minimum requirements and maximum visual appeal.

Once the network and hardware are set up, I use Ansible playbooks to create base configurations for the underlying operating system. Using CI/CD tools, I build pipelines to generate software artifacts that are then deployed on terminals. I am proficient with multiple platforms, such as GitLab, GitHub, Gitea, and their respective runners, as well as standalone products like Woodpecker, Drone CI, and Jenkins. I provide tools that complement the developer’s workflow and expertise, whether through command line access or web-based user interfaces to control workflows independently.

Additionally, I can prepare remote control units, usually Raspberry Pi-based or similar devices, to provide easy access to remote networks during the initial setup and development phase. This is achieved using VPN tools like OpenVPN or WireGuard, and preferably Tailscale.

With this toolchain, I manage projects involving up to 50 individual terminals and servers.

Realized Projects

2016 Permanent Exhibition “ERM Digital Encounters”

  • Set up Windows terminal configurations using Ansible
  • Established deploy pipelines with Git repositories and hooks
  • Managed digital assets synchronization
  • Communicated with stakeholders

Similar projects

  • 2019: New permanent Exhibition in Fat Margaret Museum, Tallinn
  • 2021: Temporary exhibition “Heaps of Happiness” in the Estonian Health Museum, Tallinn
  • 2024: Updated permanent exhibition in Seaplane Harbour Museum, Tallinn

2017 Data Exhibition and Digital Installation “Flow” for EU2017 (Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU)

  • Provided consulting throughout the tendering process
  • Set up Windows terminal configurations using Ansible
  • Built and deployed pipelines for a diverse set of applications
  • Enabled remote management via Raspberry Pi out-of-band devices, Wake-on-LAN configuration, Pulseway setup, and monitoring
  • Coordinated between locations in Tallinn and Brussels, communicating with local cooperation partners in both cities

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Andreas Wagner
Freelance System Administrator from Tallinn, Estonia.