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System Administration at Cash On Go OÜ

I joined the company as a lateral hire at the end of 2013. With a background in traditional system administration, performing most tasks manually on the command line, I quickly adapted to automation procedures and infrastructure as code using Chef and later Ansible. I assisted the company in migrating their main application and database from a colocated single server to a multi-location, redundant hosted setup based on Amazon AWS primitives.

I led a small team of system administrators with varying levels of expertise and focus, covering all operational needs of a mid-size fintech company. I communicated with management, vendors, and various project stakeholders. I helped organize and lead ad-hoc projects with outside consultants. Additionally, I was the primary lead for the PCI-DSS compliance procedures the company was required to follow.

The main technologies used during this time included:

  • PHP (Symfony 3), MySQL, NGINX
  • Ruby for system administration
  • Ansible, Chef
  • AWS EC2, VPC, S3
  • Proxmox

I worked with the company between 2013-2017.

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Andreas Wagner
Freelance System Administrator from Tallinn, Estonia.